Meet the Mason City Real Estate Agents of American Realty

Connie Springer, Apartment Rental and Real Estate Sales Associate at American Realty

Connie Springer, Realtor and Apartment Rental Specialist at American Realty

Connie Springer specializes in selling residential Real Estate.

She helps singles, couples and families find the perfect Mason City residential property to fit their lifestyle and budget.

Connie also serves as property manager for our extensive apartment catalogue.

As Property Manager, Connie specializes in helping you find the perfect apartment for your lifestyle.

To find the perfect home or apartment for you please contact Connie using one of these methods:

Jim Marinos, Owner/Agent of American Realty, Mason City, Iowa

Jim Marinos, Broker and Owner of American Realty, Mason City, Iowa

Jim Marinos has owned and operated American Realty since 1987.

Jim has over three decades of experience buying and selling Residential and Commercial Property in Mason City.

For expert help buying or selling your home or property please contact Jim using one of these methods: