Angie Grecian-Bransky, Realtor at American Realty
Angie Grecian-Bransky

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Hi, I'm Angie, Realtor at American Realty!

I am excited to have joined the ranks of American Realty & Management, Inc., in Mason City, as a brokering agent.

About Angie

I embarked on this journey about a year ago in the midst of an already active music career. I have continued to teach vocal music in Charles City two days a week and maintain my private music studio and my position at St. John’s Episcopal Church as Director of Music. I am busy but wouldn’t want it any other way!

I chose to work at American Realty because I wanted to join a small office with persons who are experienced and can offer me one-on-one learning in a supportive, family-like environment.

I have known Jim and Jean Marinos, the owners and Dave Guetzko, my broker, for 24 years. They are great people, and I feel blessed to have them as my work family!

Being chosen to represent American Realty is truly an honor for me and I look forward to serving you!

In my new position, I serve people interested in purchasing real estate either for personal use, as a potential investment, or listing their home for sale.

A Lifetime of Real Estate Experience

I grew up in a family always looking to buy or build that next home.

I spent countless hours going to open houses and builders tours, and helping my family on their own house. I know the importance of finding that perfect space to call home.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell property here in Mason City or the surrounding area, I want to be your realtor!

It's Easy to Get Started

Please contact me by phone or fill out my questionnaire as completely as possible.