Jim Marinos, Owner/Realtor of American Realty, Mason City, Iowa
Jim Marinos
American Realty

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If you're interested in buying and selling real estate in Mason City, my team of experienced realtors are here to help.

American Realty has been selling real estate in Mason City, Iowa for over three decades.

Our real estate professionals know Mason City real estate ... the value of Mason City property in today's market ... and the ins-and-outs of buying and selling property in North Iowa.

They'll help you maximize your return on investment from the sale of your property and get the most for your money when you're ready to buy.

To buy or sell Mason City property or schedule a showing, please fill out the questionnaire as completely as possible. We'll get back to you with the next step right away. (I don't share your information with anyone except necessary staff in our office.)